This is America / Creative Rut

May 23, 2018 Mark Ashburne

Ive been in a creative rut lately, it happens sometimes as Artist. For whatever reason Life just be fucking up my whole groove. But in the middle of my little rut, Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover released a super dope song and visual called “This is America” Everything about it was exceptionally done and eye catching with a deep meaning /interpretation behind it.

Of course EVERY artist and the momma has been recreating scenes from the visual and of course I wanted to do something too. But ya boy ain’t been with it lately, no motivation or creatives juices flowing so my illustration never happened.

This is my attempt to get out of this fuckin rut. Almost a month after the visual was released I created this quick illustration of one of the many powerful images from the visual. At first I said to myself.. “Man everyone has already did something. You late. Don’t do it now!” Then my other self said “Fuck that!!!! YOU haven’t done it yet. Get out your rut and do a quick illustration. So here we are. Ashburne Arts - This is America. 

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