The Rookie and the Vet

May 30, 2018 Mark Ashburne

Still a bit salty from that L we took on Sunday. But man, you have got to respect Lebron and his game. 8 straight finals is unheard of. I CANNOT HATE on this man anymore. A side of me wants him to beat the Warriors this year, and the other side wants him to lose again so I can call him a Bum!!!! Lol. On another note, the rookie... Jayson Tatum is a MONSTER and is the future of Boston and the league. I am super excited to see him grow, you can tell by his toughness, ball handles, shot, off the court interviews, and by this filthy ass dunk on Bron that he is bout it and going to be a problem in this league for a long time. The Future is bright in Boston!!!!! “The Rookei and the Vet” - Ashburne Arts

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